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N3RVE Technologies is the tech development and infrastructure arm of N3RVE.  Our core focus is supporting the N3RVE brand and initiatives through the creation, implementation, and use of future technologies and platforms. 

Additionally, our team actively seeks opportunities on a global basis. We partner with companies across different stages in their development. Our approach helps our portfolio companies grow core businesses, launch new initiatives, make transformative acquisitions and upgrade technologies and systems to support their long-term strategy.

Our Board is characterized by open communication, careful listening, and honest interactions. They are immersed in trust, and a confident expectation to always elevate the relationship and honor commitments while leading N3RVE Technologies. .

Investing in the Future

The Team

Chris Kalargiros


Steve Horowitz



Motion Artist

Select Projects

- Laybox


- Laural

- Vuite

- Tunetone

- PopHop



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